About Us

Bestever Studio is a professional purchasing agent company in Malaysia. Our premise is based in Penang, Malaysia. With many years of experience, we have gain reputation form many of our customers for the quality of products that we offer.

In Bestever Studio, we specialized in supplies cosmetic & skincare products, facial masks, bracelets and housewares from Korea and Japan. Honesty is our main principle as we ensure all of the products that we provide are 100% real. We are committed to offer high quality products along with reasonable prices. With a team of professional and experienced staff, we are able to fully understand our customer’s requirements and provide them their ideal products. We differentiate ourselves by providing the latest trend of products to suit the market demand.

Contact us now as our customer service team is happy to help and discuss through your needs.

Bestever Studio是马来西亚一家专业的代购公司。我们的总部位于马来西亚的槟城。凭借多年的经验,我们所提供的产品质量赢得了许多客户的好评。

Bestever Studio,我们提供各种来自韩国及日本的化妆品、护肤产品、面膜、手链、家庭用品等。诚信一直是我们的职业守则,所有的产品100%原装进口,正货保证!我们供应合理价格和高品质的产品给顾客。我们拥有一支专业、经验丰富的代购团队,能够充分了解客户的需求,为客户提供理想的产品。我们提供最潮,最新日韩药妆百货以适应市场需求。